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Your Source For Eye-Popping Digital Experiences

We specialize in holographic displays, interactive video walls, and other revolutionary technology. We carry the Holocube, Dreamoc and HYPERVSN lineups. Contact us to rent or purchase your holographic technology today!


State of the Art

Holographic Displays

Application Development

and Deployment

Analytics and Maintenance Available

Rentals and Sales Available

What We Offer

We provide unique digital solutions 

you won't find anywhere else. From large interactive video walls to holographic displays, we have the products to 'wow' your clients and visitors. 

At Virtual Wonders, we believe that digital experiences can enrich human connection, thought, and ideas. We are on the forefront of technology to help our clients strengthen their business.


Why Choose Virtual Wonders

State of the Art
Digital Signage

We use only Commercial Grade Displays that have an optically bonded glass overlay. We have also done away with IR Frames for touch interaction - we use cutting edge ShadowSense Technology

Unique Display Solutions

In addition to standard digital offerings, we offer unique solutions such as holographic displays to wow your clients and give you the ability to show your products and services in a different way

Adaptable Software

All of our video wall purchases come with a 1 year license of either our Presentation Suite or Collaboration Suite software. We also provide custom software solutions 


Every client is different. Our service for every one of our clients will remain the same at the quality and attention level, but will be tailored to your needs

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Unique Digital Solutions

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Clients

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