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Interactive Video Walls

Optically Bonded Glass

Seamless touch


Customizable Stands 

Vinyl Wrapped or Fabricated 


ShadowSense Touch

With object recognition

Full HD Panels

LG Commercial Grade

Narrow Bezels

3.5mm with 1.7mm available 


Allows for set up at events and trade shows


An interactive video wall comes with a myriad of options and exceptional features for real time results. Just like our software, our hardware is flexible too:

  • Your choice on the amount of screens starting at 2 up to 12

  • The video wall can be installed permanently into a wall or can be made into a free standing structure that can be moved

  • Custom branding options in different materials – laser cut out logos, vinyl wrapping & wooden enclosures

  • Orientations of screens can be portrait or landscape

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