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3D holographic displays offer a new and unique way of creating marketing activations, as you can promote your products in a completely unique way with seemingly “free-floating” 3D holograms that explain details, features, and unique selling points.

 Whether you are looking to elevate your in-store marketing in retail, stand out at a crowded expo, or create a unique brand activation, our range of award-winning 3D holographic displays are built to generate attention that resonates with today’s consumer, who increasingly lives beyond the reach of classic advertising. 

Dreamoc POP3

Small sized holographic display.

Ideal for shelf or window positions.

Daisy chain several displays for increased effect.

Customizable colors.

Dreamoc Pop3.png

 Dreamoc HD3.2

Designed specifically for in-store marketing in retail.

3-sided viewing, perfect for endcap placements.

Stack products directly on the stand for easy shopping.

Dreamoc XL5

Medium sized 4K holographic display.

Built for events, expos or larger retail spaces.

Interactive touch screen.

Choose between branding stand or retail stand.

XL5 gif.gif

Dreamoc XXL3

Built for large event spaces and expos.

4-sided viewing.

Built to run 24/7.

Large side surfaces for maximum exterior branding.

Dreamoc Diamond

Large holographic display for events and expos.

4K super sharp resolution holograms.

Internal/external branding foils.

Full 4-sided viewing.



Revolutionary Mixed Reality display.

Project holograms to appear directly in reality around you.

Use at large event spaces, expos or museum installations.

Incredible 4K OLED resolution.

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