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Software Solutions

Unlike our competitors, we don't just sell or rent you the hardware and leave you with a shiny, but lifeless, wall. An interactive video wall is meant to be enjoyed. With a purchase of any size video wall, you will receive a year license for one of the following software solutions:


The perfect solution for:

• Showrooms
• Boardrooms
• Classrooms


Virtual Wonders' Collaboration Suite is the ideal meeting room software. Users can quickly create presentations by uploading the most common file types, including those
of the MS Office Suite. Using the software as a blank canvas, meetings become more productive as users can interact, annotate, and even create new documents directly from
the software.


The perfect solution for:

• Client Visitor Centers
• Lobbies
• Museums
• Stadiums
• Showrooms

Virtual Wonders' Presentation Suite allows for multiple users to open and interact with limitless content. Featuring an online back-end editor, apps can be customized for their style, themes, and behaviors. Most media formats as well as PDFs and browsers are supported, so adding your own content is always easy.

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