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Entertainment Complex
of The Future

Virtual Wonders Innovation is a leader in Interactive Video Walls, Holographic Displays, Software Solutions, and Touchscreens. We provide turnkey installation and support across all time zones. Our unique solutions allows us to be applicable to any industry and use – from advertising your products to wayfinding and vital analytics.



We are committed to providing the technology and resources to build a resort for the future. By using our advanced solutions, your destination will provide unique, memorable experiences that will ensure repeat visitors and lasting impressions.


The following are just some implementations of our technology. They can be modified and scaled to suit any facet of your destination; the solutions are interchangeable among the different industries.



Interactive Video Wall

Museums • Lobbies • Exhibits • Boardrooms • Kids Areas
Restaurants • 
Retails • Spas • Control Rooms • Casinos 

Large public spaces require large format displays. Traditionally, larger displays were either static or moving images with no interactivity or engagement. Our LCD and LED video walls are the perfect fit for any public areas where foot traffic is high as they allow for an unlimited amount of interactivity.

Unlimited points of touch – as many people as possible can interact at once

Connect any peripherals – cameras, scanners, etc can all be implemented

Endless customization – wayfinding, ads, games, contests, resort info. All can be displayed and interacted with

Size and mounting – displays can be as large as needed and either free standing or wall mounted

Indoor and Outdoor – high brightness panels can be used anywhere 24/7/365. Toughened with Gorilla Glass to withstand damage to screens


For larger spaces, including Museums, Hotel Lobbies, Conference Centers and more, large format holographic displays such as the Holocube HC75 and Dreamoc Diamond excel. Wow your visitors with a unique technology that they have never seen before.

Dreamoc Diamond Watches.gif

Dreamoc Diamond

Virtual Wonders provides all content creation services for your customers needs. The large holographic displays also provide a very unique revenue opportunity. They can be used in public areas as holographic billboards to advertise products and services available at the resort or in the community.

Dreamoc HD3 McCafe.jpg

Dreamoc HD3 featuring McCafe Animation


Projection mapping allows you to turn any surface into a canvas for entertainment, information or advertising purposes. Projections come in all sizes and shapes, giving you the opportunity to create magic out of thin air. With remote management also available, never worry about scheduling or uploading content on-site. Provides an excellent opportunity for a revenue stream.



Location-based positioning solutions to enable your resort with seamless outdoor-indoor navigation, send guests personalized welcome and event messages, and understand how they interact with your property.

This solution provides:

•Interactive maps with turn by turn direction on users phone

•Property directory searchable by name, keyword and category

•Environmental Alerts

•Targeted push notifications

•Completely hardware free

•Event calendars

•Promotions and relevant news alerts


In addition, location-based insights allow you to know where most of your guests spend their time on your property, reorganize help centers and staff to match heavy footfall areas, and enhance customer service offerings.  



Gaining a deeper understanding of your visitors doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our Analytics platform is the all-in-one solution where your business can view and analyze real-time, in-depth metrics directly related to your visitors.

Questions we can answer:

•Where are visitors going and how long are they staying there?

•How do weather events impact visitors' behaviours?

•What points of interest are capturing visitors' attention?

•Why are some areas garnering more interest than others?

•Where can advertising be placed to be most effective?

•How can space be utilized more effectively?

...and many more

Heat Maps

Projection Mapping
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